Dr. med. Murat Dağdelen is founder and medical director of the clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery "DiaMonD Aesthetics" in the heart of Dusseldorf. He currently holds the office of Vice President of GÄCD, the largest society for aesthetic surgery in Germany.

Dr. med. Murat Dağdelen is three times certified with the German, Turkish and European specialist titles for plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Dr. med. Murat Dağdelen started his university education at the medical faculty of the University of Ulm and finished it at the Eberhard-Karls-University of Tübingen. He also completed semesters abroad in Switzerland and Istanbul.

After the State Exam followed by the doctor degree (with the grade "magna cum laude") in the same year he started the residency training in the department for plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in the Red Cross Hospital Kassel.

As a two-time scholarship holder of the German Society for Surgery and the German Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, he spent several months in Rio de Janeiro and Shanghai to improve his skills and to guide colleagues.

By actively participating in national and international congresses and symposia, Dr. Murat Dağdelen has advanced to become an internationally renowned specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and an expert in the fields of aesthetic surgery.

The medical team around Dr. Murat Dağdelen from Germany has been operating poor people in India as part of a charity project for 17 years. The patients from Jalna and the surrounding area suffer from cleft lips and palates, malformations and burn scar contractures. He was also able to accompany the team to India twice in order to help around 500 patients on site.